Complete budget certainty

We offer long term savings and a capital cost payback in under 5 years, we also make sure our products and systems are the best available on the market, and as such we will never be the cheapest to install… however the energy and maintenance savings mean that your capital investment will have the shortest possible payback period. You will also have ZERO ongoing maintenance costs, and that’s guaranteed.  

By installing a system that supercedes current regulations you are also future-proofing your investment.

Our system is designed to never fail. It won’t fail you and it won’t fail your residents. Because as recent incidents have shown us all, the cost of failure is something far greater than your bottom line.

No Maintenance costs for 7 years

Forget about call-out fees, accountability of repairs, reliability of engineers, maintenance contract fees and all the other issues and costs that come with maintaining systems... You can run your Commulite communal and emergency LED lighting 24-hours a day, 365 days a year and still be covered by our comprehensive zero maintenance warranty for ALL parts and labour for seven years. That's NO EXTRA COSTS FOR 7 YEARS - GUARANTEED

No Hidden Costs

No 'Hidden' Costs

Routine emergency light testing is a safety-critical activity and a legal requirement. It also represents a significant “hidden cost” for social landlords, accounting for thousands of pounds a year in labour. Our unique remote testing system means there is no need for on-site labour to be deployed to undertake emergency light testing, saving thousands of pounds a year in labour.

savings though Improved Energy Efficiency

Compared to fluorescent lighting, each Commulite luminaire typically saves £80/year on lighting costs. For a block with 200 luminaires that is an annual saving of £16,000 and an associated CO2 reduction of 18,000kg.

automate light levels
short payback on investment

Shortest Possible Payback on Capital Investment

When compared to other systems the savings relating to maintenance, on-site labour and energy efficiency combine to give Commulite the shortest possible payback period.

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Ensure complete compliance at all times with remote monitoring, testing and reporting 365/24/7.


Commulite's emergency lighting out-performs competitors and goes beyond the statutory minimums, furture-proofing your investment.

10 + Years

Commulite were the first to bring intelligent, controllable, remotely monitored LED lighting to the social housing market.