Intelligent Lighting System

An intelligent lighting system saves you both time and manpower, and gives you the peace of mind that you are always completely compliant. Having a system that is remotely controlled, monitored and tested removes the need for site visits. It generates reports automatically and logs any issues, sending alerts to the relavent people.

With the ability to control light levels, you will also make substantial energy savings.  Having complete control over the light levels of any one luminaire,  you can have the right level of light, in the right place, at the right time. Everything is programable remotely from any smart device, anywhere in the world.

intelligent remote monitoring

A smart lighting system, accessible anytime, anywhere.

Commulite’s unique remote monitoring system allows all emergency light testing to be carried out and data-logged without even visiting site.

Intelligent system automatically generates and sends test result reports

Our remote monitoring system takes the guess work out of emergency light testing, making it a simple, reliable and fully-auditable process. The web portal allows you to view and download test results for all of your Commulite installations.

automatic report generation
smart fault reporting

Automated fault reporting for your intelligent lighting system

The Commulite control panel monitors the status of every luminaire in a building, 24-hours a day. It automatically sends email or text notifications to your nominated personnel whenever any status condition varies, meaning issues never need go unreported or unresolved.

Variable light levels

Commulite combines efficient LEDs with a unique smart control system to provide the right amount of light, at the right time and in the right place. It’s simply the most energy efficient communal lighting system available. Each luminaire has 7 different light levels fully programmable and adaptable to the ambient light levels.

Low emission intelligent lighting

Automated intelligent switching times and lighting levels

The amount of daylight we get in the UK changes by around 3 minutes every day, so what do you set your lighting timer switches to? Separate summer and winter settings are crude at best. Our ‘dusk-till-dawn’ solar tracker adjusts light up times on a daily basis, and automatically adjusts daylight saving cycles.

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Ensures complete compliance at all times with remote monitoring and testing 365/24/7


Commulite's emergency lighting out-performs competitors and goes beyond the statutory minimums, furture proofing your investment

10 Years

Commulite were the first to bring intelligent, controllable remotely monitored LED lighting to the market