Case Study – Savings made by London Borough of Hillingdon

reduce CO2 Emissions

Energy and Carbon Savings

The London Borough of Hillingdon have committed to reducing their energy bill and maintenance by converting their emergency and communal lighting to new low energy LED lighting, combined with an intelligent remote monitoring and testing system.

The program commenced in 2017, when the London Borough of Hillingdon chose Commulite’s system as the most energy efficient and cost-effective solution, having done a rigorous comparison with leading competitors. To date they have replaced 7383 luminaires over 63 sites with new addressable and programmable luminaires which all come with a 7-year warranty.

In many instances’ luminaires were previously running for 24hrs a day which meant that:

  • Their previous Energy consumption was around 1.8million KWh /year for these blocks alone.

The new Commulite systems are controlled to ensure that there is always the right light in the right place and the right level. Reducing the hourly consumption and light output without compromising any lighting requirements. This, combined with low energy LEDs, meant London Borough of Hillingdon is now able to make savings of:

  • Energy savings of 1.35M KWh/year
  • Reduction of 598tCO2e per year

Commulite also partners with Just One Tree, and plants a tree for every Commulite luminaire that is installed, meaning London Borough of Hillingdon further offset their carbon emissions by planting 7383 new trees

They also reduced their associated maintenance and repair costs to zero, as Commulite systems have 7-year manufacturers come to site warranty on all elements.


Other benefits they have enjoyed by choosing Commulite are:

  • All Commulite systems automatically test and remote report all statutory emergency light testing along with any system or luminaire failures, meaning assurance of compliance at all times.
  • No need for an engineer to visit to carry out emergency light testing.
  • Every Commulite fitting will run at 3 times the statutory light level for over nine hours, in the event of a power failure that’s enough to get residents safely through the night, and could be potentially lifesaving in an emergency situation.

The program with Hillingdon is ongoing as Commulite has become the simple choice for them in order to make long term savings and meet their targets for sustainability.